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How to install DStv


Install the satellite dish on the wall facing east. Make use of a sat meter to point the dish in the correct direction #recommended. Run the RG-6 coaxial cable and plug it on the dish then plug the other end into the port of the decoder. Connect the TV and go to the signal status menu. Correct the dish elevation, which is adjustable by the side screws. The best would be to mark it between 36 and 39 degrees. Move the dstv dish left and right adjusting the LNB until you get an optimal signal quality.


How to fix or repair DStv


There are various DStv signal errors you should be aware of including DStv no signal error e48-32, and no communication from primary decoder error e143. If this happens check the cables visually to ensure that they are intact. Often, loose cables can lead to poor strength. If cables are okay reboot the dstv decoder, sometimes the memory gets stuck when they is a temporary signal loss. If it does not work go outside and look out for any loose cables or arm otherwise contact us. For other errors you can escape the call centres and conveniently control your account using DStv self service. It is an easy digital way of securely managing your account and repairing errors. There are many ways to repair the problems you may be having from the comfort of your own couch.


Sometimes it can take up to 10 to 15 minutes to reconnect your services, if it takes longer than that you can reset your DStv in four different ways.The following are the four key strategies for resetting a decoder: SMS, online self-service, a manual reset or a reset via Flash Erase.


Note:The performance of the DStv Explora Ultra and availability of all features is directly related to the quality of the installation (including use of approved equipment and correct alignment of the satellite dish). Installation of the DStv Explora Ultra requires an 80cm satellite dish with an LNB upgrade. Data charges apply when connecting this decoder to the internet. Uncapped connections are recommended. Downloading videos consumes large amounts of data so please be aware of your data package limits and costs. MultiChoice will not be held responsible for data usage while using streaming services. Enjoy streaming services including DStv now, Showmax, Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube. Get the Explora Ultra it adds depth to the entertainment offering available. The DStv Explora Ultra gives you on-demand access to world-class shows and movies and ensuring you never miss a moment with our renowned PVR, BoxOffice and Catch Up. The DStv Explora Ultra puts the power in your hands so you can enjoy all the best content, exactly the way you want to.


Get high quality signal with the DStv Smart LNB. The DStv Smart LNB has been designed and manufactured for DStv installations where customers make use of their own satellite dish. It is not generally suitable for multiple unit dwellings (like complexes and apartments) or commercial customers.


With DStv XtraView, subscribers can now flexibly link three decoders and still pay for a single subscription.This service was mainly unveiled to end constant remote wrangles among users by catering for different entertainment needs among family members. The exciting part is that DSTV will only charge you for a single subscription yet you can watch up to three channels in real time. Users will on pay an access fee about R100 for the Multichoice XtraView subscription. Smart TV installaton. A smart TV is a traditional television set with integrated Internet and interactive Web 2.0 features, which allows users to stream music and videos, browse the internet, and view photos. Smart TVs are a technological convergence of computers, televisions, and digital media players.